KleinCollin is by invite only. Not that an exclusive mindset is describing for what we do, on the contrary we meet people for a living. But in order to keep our stories fresh and to protect the people we portray, we are pretty carefull about not selling out – in all aspects of the words. We consequently have a limited number of seats in the house – occupied by a number of handpicked international publishers. However, when someone leaves, that seat could be yours, so please send us a request if you’re interested in joining our party.

How it works
Once you receive your login you are able to see and search our site. If you find anything you like, please enquire about individual costs. Prices varies depending on number of images, rights etc. We offer ready-to-use features as well as single images – each package include up to 30 images and original, editorial text. When you order a feature, you will receive the images in their original size as well as a short introductory text. In-depth text (in English) can be supplied on request.
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